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The perfect splash

you know that feeling you get tossing a stone into a stream as you pass by it? cos everything is good, and you're free from duties. I like that feeling, and tossing stones into streams or lakes is so satisfying somehow, timing every move to get the perfect arc, the perfect splash, and no two are the same.

Its such an easy way to pass the time. Something else I find satisfying is lying down at the base of a real tall tree and looking up through the bush canopy for glimpses of the sky. Or just sitting and watching the swallows play in summer. Those times when you don’t have to worry, you can take your time.

Emotions are captured there, in those moments, lost in reverie. And it is there that I find the space to reflect and to create.

I find these moments whenever I make music too, playing the piano or guitar. It’s invigorating. Its a real buzz. I mean it’s exciting and it’s real, you know, I feel alive in the moment. I get lost in the moment. Unfortunately in my life right now playing music is a bit more random than regular and random would best describe my musical output nowadays. No wonder. Cos if I’m not playing music then what am I doing?

Having a family and a busy time of it lately is part of it, you know work and staying out of trouble. But I need to make the time for playing music, and time to stare up at the sky, time to chase after the perfect splash, all that. So, I had a jamb with a friend of mine a little while ago, and we’re planning to meet again to play a short set together in early August. Part of my birthday celebrations. I’m excited and nervous, cos I haven’t played live in ages. But the audience are all family and friends. The rest of the band is made up of my children and, it’s my party. It will be ace. so I hope to post or share some pictures or even a song link here next time. Until then, don’t worry, take it easy. Take the time to reflect and to create.

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