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I never wrote a hit song but so what

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

ok I decided to blog. To promote my website? well ok if that works. If nothing else, then at least I’m writing And you folks reading this will get an insight into my musical antics. In the end I want to do it and I’m mildly interested in what mad ideas will make it to the blog section of At least I’ll have a record of that. I actually think sometimes that I belong in a blog section. But folks who know me will be surprised I’m really doing this. Also surprised that I’m still alive. After releasing my album Wayt and then my second album 40 miles and nearly recording a third album in 2013 but didn’t, I kinda sloped off to play in the hedge.

Well a lot of other stuff was happening too and I got a little bit sidetracked.

Anyhow today is a sunny day, spring is on the march and I’m excited about my new project I just dreamed up this morning, I want to call it Soothie Tones, or maybe not. Maybe not Soothie Tones, but more about that as it unfolds. So I guess I’m not finished arranging or writing songs, I mean I never wrote a hit song but so what, right? I still love the patterns certain notes make together, music is a beautiful thing, it always entices me back, even after nearly a decade. The song Domir Tardez is now up for download on if you haven’t already, download it now for free. It was real fun putting that piece together and the new makeover of my website. Very grateful to CHNZ crew for their help with that, Right now I’m working on a new track, it’s called Laurels.

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